Ambassador Gabriel Kangwagye addressing the audience during UDN AGM at Hotel Africana, 29th April 2016.

On Friday 29 April 2016, Uganda Debt Network held yet another Annual General Meeting at Hotel Africana that was widely attended to by UDN members both individuals from different parts of Uganda and UDN constituencies as well as members at Civil Society, Donor community and Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies.  Approximately 100 members were present to witness and review UDN achievements for the year 2015.

A representative from Dan Church Aid (DCA) Mr. Musinguzi John thanked UDN for the good work done and applauded her for doing her advocacy work in a diplomatic manner compared to other organizations. He encouraged UDN to continue the good work and document all achievements under one of its thematic areas of Capacity Building and Empowerment to be used as evidence and a reference point for all stakeholders.

The Guest of Honour Ambassador Gabriel Kangwagye commended UDN for her effort in improving and transforming governance in terms of people empowerment, accountability and participation. He acknowledged that UDN work has influenced performance of Public service and has played a role in addressing persistent challenges of balancing the national budget, delivery of social services, good governance and fighting corruption.

Audience AGM
To all the stakeholders and funders of UDN work, we appreciate all the encouragement and support throughout the years and thank you for participating in the Annual General Meeting.