Citizens Empowerment & Engagement

Citizens Empowerment & Engagement - Uganda Debt Network (UDN)

Strategic Objective 2:

To promote citizens’ empowerment and engagement for accountability of public resources and delivery of quality public services.

UDN has been an ardent champion of organizational development of CBOs, evidence-based community monitoring, local accountability, effective service delivery and linking local-national advocacy. UDN has over the previous implementing period observed a growing sense of frustration and apathy among sections of citizens who appear to lose hope about Government’s desire and capacity to effectively deliver on its promises for improved quality service delivery and equitable development.

The challenge for UDN and other civic groups is how to encourage ownership and civic engagement amongst citizens who appear to be ‘giving up on public finance affairs’. In order to address this, UDN will continue to provide training and other capacity support such as research and strategy development to civic groups, including CBOs to spearhead citizens’ understanding of their rights and responsibilities, as well as strategies for the citizens to fully own Government programmes and be more actively engaged in governance and development processes. In addition, UDN will also facilitate discussions with targeted LG officials on the important role that civil society plays and forge a good working relationship based on mutual respect, participation and accountability. This will be undertaken in at least 1920 districts across all geographical regions of Uganda.

Key Results/ Outcomes

  • Result Area 1: Citizens and Civil Society organizations empowered to own development interventions and actively engage Duty bearers for improved quality service delivery
  • Result Area 2: Districts’ Peer Review Mechanism processes (DPRM) organized for improved service delivery and accountability outcomes
  • Result Area 3: Organizational Learning and Institutional Development for CBOs enhanced
  • Result Area 4: Programme Management Capacity enhanced