Institutional & Organizational Development

Institutional & Organizational Development - Uganda Debt Network

Strategic Objective 3:

A UDN with solid governance, management structures and systems that enable delivery of high-quality results

Under this strategic period, UDN will strengthen its capacity to be an efficient and well managed organization that has functional accountability structures, including the Board. UDN also aspires to be a learning organization with a culture that is supportive to learning both internally and externally; that has effective communication systems in place; is able to retain organizational memory; and can integrate and apply the learning into strategy. Diversifying and seeking ways to obtain more sustainable sources of funding will also be an important priority for UDN in this strategic period.

Key Results/ Outcomes

  • Result Area 1: A strong governance and management structure providing strategic leadership to the organization
  • Result Area 2: A strengthened institutional framework for monitoring, communication and information management
  • Result Area 3: Strong resource mobilization and sustainability framework in place and operational
  • Result Area 4: Programme Management Capacity enhanced