Funding for UDN activities

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UDN (Uganda Debt Network) has been able to attract funding from various funding agencies such as

  • DGF,
  • Dan ChurchAid,
  • Trocaire,
  • Save the Children,
  • International Budget Partnership among funders and
  • others who provide core and project support for its programmes.

Annually UDN attracts over US$ 750,000 for its programmes and activities.

However, UDN also attracts non-financial contributions from institutions such as Media, Academia, central and local government departments, other NGOs (both local and international) and Religious Institutions. This has been in terms of free or subsidised airtime, free facilities, mail delivery services and for mobilization

Our Vision

A Uganda where public resources are prudently, sustainably and equitably managed.

Our Mission

To generate advocacy expertise that influences people-based and accountable public resource management in Uganda.

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