UDN community monitoring reports presented at the Bushenyi and Rubirizi dialogue meetings on Monday, 14th July and Tuesday 15th July 2014 respectively by the Western Ankole Anti-corruption Coalition have already borne remarkable fruit in as far as facilitating accountability for public funds.

As reported in the Red Pepper (Thursday 16th July, 2014, page 12), for instance, the Bushenyi District LC5 Chairman, Willis Bashasha, while responding to the findings of a community monitoring report presented by the UDN-supported monitors, blamed the poor state of roads in the district on the negligence of the district engineer, Barnabas Kiiza Mbonimpa and admitted that the district had lost a substantial amount of resources as a result. In a related article, the New Vision (Thursday 17th July 2014, Page 9) reported that Mr. Bashasha had ordered for an audit of all National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) programme beneficiaries in the district to ascertain value-for-money for the public resources spent on this initiative.