DOP Signing petition

UDN’s Director of Programmes Mr. Julius Kapwepwe signs the 5Million Signature campaign petition during the launch of the campaign at Hotel Africana, 20th April 2016.

Members of Parliament recently passed the Income Tax Amendment Bill that exempted their allowances/ benefits from being taxed. This hasty move resulted from a commercial court ruling on February 4th 2016 where the Commercial Court ordered the Parliamentary Commission to deduct tax from MP’s emoluments.  

Uganda Debt Network (UDN) and other Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s) i.e. CSBAG, SEATINI have come out against this move by parliament and have gone ahead to call upon the President of Uganda not to assent to this Bill. The Bill not only goes against Taxation principle of fairness and equity but Uganda would lose about Ugx 41.58bn additional revenue annually, which money if generated would help Government address some of the most pressing needs in Uganda.
The 5 Million Signature campaign is meant to petition the President of Uganda NOT to assent to this Bill for the good of all Ugandan tax payers and the economy at large. Media reports have indicated that Members of Parliament are threatening not to pass the 2016/17 budget if President Museveni does not approve their tax exemption law. (See 25th April 2016, Daily Monitor Pg12).

The 5 million nationwide campaign urges all citizens of Uganda to sign a 5 million petition that seeks to compel President Museveni not to sign the Income Tax (Amendment) Bill, 2016 that exempts MPs allowances from being taxed. Uganda Debt Network urges you to sign this Citizen’s petition requesting President Museveni to reject the Income Tax Amendment Bill.  
 Be a part of the campaign and make a difference: Sign the petition.

 For a Better Uganda!!!