UDN continues to empower local communities to ensure full citizen participation in planning and implementation of public services. Community members from Nebbi district under the UDN led Community Based Monitoring and Evaluation System (CBMES) model on 29th July 2015 presented findings from their monitoring exercises (education and health sectors) to district leaders during a district dialogue organised by Uganda Debt Network in Nebbi Town. Officials that attended the meeting include; the Chairman LCV, Chief Administrative Officer's Representative, District Education Officer (DEO), District Health Officer (DHO), District Internal Security Officer (DISO), District Inspector of Schools, Department heads and Sub County leadership from four sub counties (Erussi, Panyimur, Nyaravur and Alwi) in Nebbi District.

The community monitors discovered a number of issues in the sectors monitored that needed immediate attention from the district. In the Education sector (UPE) for instance,  issues of lack of parental support towards the education of their children, poor sanitary facilities, absence of learning aids for children with special needs, laxity by teachers in preparing lessons plans stood out. Irregularity in posting and approving their transfers and lack of staff quarters were also revealed by the monitoring exercises.

The District Education Officer, Mr. Angara Patrick pledged to take on the issues as priority.  Mr. Robert Okumu, the LC V noted that UDN was doing a noble job of building the capacity of community members as well as duty bearers in Nebbi. ‘UDN should also engage Government to the fullest since it does advocacy and lobbying so that the issues do not remain hanging,’ he added.

UDN with support from USAID/RTI empowers local communities in Nebbi district to demand for accountability from duty bearers as a way of improving service delivery.